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Arish Mell to WORBARROW Bay and Pondfield

1930s the line of washing confirms that this was taken before the Mod took over in the 1940s
1940s fisherman's hut at Worbarrow after Tyneham requisitioned by the MoD
Arish Mell looking east to Worbarrow 1930s
Arish Mell looking west toward Lulworth
Worbarrow Bay 1930s.
1930s group of geologists at Worbarrow Tout
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The MLS shows the same curve of the cliff
Worthbarrow Bay looking east 1816
The Coastguard Station at Warbarrow was manned from at least 1840 until 1912 when it was closed down..  As many as twelve officers and their families were stationed here.  The building further back looks like a farm. Both buildings were still there when the MoD took over in the 1940s
1920 Warbarrow Tout
The slippage on the left in the 1920s has developed considerably by the time Michael took the photograph on the right in the 1980s
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Arish Mell 20-7-1959 (MK)
Arish Mell 1961 toward Mupe rocks (MK)
Arish Mell from Bindon Hill October 1977 (MT)
The Tout from Flowers Barrow August 1977 (MT)
Worbarrow from Bindon Hill August 1977 (MT)
Worbarrow May 1982 (MT)
Worbarrow June 1982 (MT)
from Gad Cliff, Worbarrow Tout and Bay, Arish Mell to Cockpit Head
Worbarrow and Flowers Barrow 30-5-1966 (MK)
Worbarrow Bay June 1961 showing angle of the strata (MK)
Fishermens' cottages June 1961 (MK)
May 1966  (MK)
August 1979 (MT)
Coastguard Station from the Tout 1963 (MK)
Pondfield May 1966 (MK)
Note: only the foundations left