Black Head from Osmington 1960s (JW)
Black Head from Osmington (MK)
Osmington rocks March 1993 (MRH)
1970s (JW)
1985 (MRH)
1900s postcards looking west toward Weymouth and painted by John Constable early 1800s
Black Head east of Redcliff 1930s
The other half of the Magic Lantern Slide on the Weymouth Redcliff page and also the subject of a postcard
Black Head to OSMINGTON to Bran Point
Exmouth to Milford on Sea
including the East Devon & Dorset World Heritage Site
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Black Head 1993 (MRH)
Blackhead from the sea (MK)
east from Black Head and Pontins (MK)
Osmington slipway 1965 (MK)
Black Head and Osmington Mills February 1984 (MRH)
Redcliff, Black Head and Pontins August 1984 (MRH)
Black Head and Bowleaze February 1984 (MRH)
Reefs and shipwreck east of Osmington March 1993 (MRH)
Osmington reefs March 1993 (MRH)
May 1985 (MRH)