January 1978 (MT)
HMT James Fennell on Portland rocks 1922
Exmouth to Milford on Sea
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SS Preveza aground on Chesil Beach 15 January 1920 in Newton's Cove.  West Weares in background
Chesil Beach and Portland were notorious for ship wrecks.  Mariners still get into trouble today if they get caught out by the fierce currents swirling round the Isle.
Better  to be grounded on the Chesil than on the rocks of the Isle of Portland
Mackerel fishing off the Chesil (film photos AH) date unknown but likely to be 1930/40s.

Still today when the mackerel are running, the beach is lined  with anglers, picnic parties (wine mandatory!) and seagulls.  The photos (DS) were taken during an evening visit to Abbotsbury by a fishing party from Frampton.  The lines were taking out 6-7 fish at a time.  They were then wrapped in foil, roasted on BBQs and eaten about 10 minutes after capture.  Main problem then is that shop-bought fish, no matter how fresh, just doesn't taste the same
Patria October 25 October 1902
SS Dorothea aground on Chesil Beach 14 February 1914
St Catherine's Chapel stands high above  Chesil and the Fleet at Abbotsbury
February 1984 (MRH)
Herbury and Swannery 1984 (MRH).
April 1983 (MRH)
23-12-1996 (MRH)
Newton's Cove and West Cliff Portland 1930
from Wears Hill across the Weymouth anticline 31-5-1962 (MK)
from Oxslip Coppice 1961 (MK)
September 1961 (MK)
1972 (WAS)
a familiar scene above Abbotsbury on the coast road 1972 (WAS)
1972 (WAS)
both 1920s
The chapel is just visible through the sea mist on the left above the Fleet (DS 1999).
Portland from Moonfleet 1999 (DS)
West Cliff from Chesil 30-9-1961 (MK)
West Bay and Burton Bradstock
May 1984 (MRH)
from West Bay 2-9-1962 (MK)
October 1989 (MRH)
Freshwater September 1989 (MRH)
Freshwater 1961 (MK)
from Chesilton 30-9-1961 (MK)
Freshwater 1920s
Gastropod fossils from West Bexington beach 1990s (AB)
Crook Hill Brickpit Chickerell 1966 (MK)
St Catherines and the Hardy Monument 1920s
French Schooner
Madelaine Tristan
at Newton's Cove
Hydrobia ventrosa
Littorina rudis
Rissoa membranacea