Furzy Cliff and Bowleaze Cove 1950s
Furzy Cliff 1920s?
no Pontins
Redcliff Point
I bought this Magic Lantern Slide off ebay.  It was a double slide with no details re whereabouts but it was in the same batch as other recognisable and/or identified slides. The other 'half' was, I thought, Black Head (see Osmington page.) taken from the west, which was subsequently confirmed by Ian West.  This one he thought was Redcliff Point which would make sense as they are in close proximity. and yes that is someone standing in a somewhat precarious position. I have since found a postcard of the Black Head half of the photograph labelled 'from Redcliff Cove'.
Bowleaze from Furzy Cliff February 1984 (MRH)
Overcombe and Furzy Cliff
February 1984 (MRH)
Bowleaze Cove from Preston Beach Road 5 November 1987 (MRH)
cliffs and trace fossils to Redcliff
March 1985 (MRH)
Overcombe and Furzy Cliff from the sea September 1961 (MK)
from Preston Beach
and Furzy Cliff
21-3-1965 (MK)
Furzy Cliff and Bowleaze 1950s
The sign above the hut reads 'toffee apples'
Furzy Cliff to BOWLEAZE to Redcliff
Exmouth to Milford on Sea
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Redcliff, Osmington and White Nothe in the distance 21-3-1965 (MK)
Furzy Cliff from Bowleaze Cove
March 1985 (MRH)